A Vehicle Accident

Here is some valuable information to remember in the event of you being involved in a vehicle accident:

  1. Ensure that scene and the passengers are safe.
  2. Call emergency services if there are any injuries.
  3. Take pictures before vehicle is moved. If no injuries vehicles may be moved.
  4. Get details from other party/parties and witnesses.  
  5. Picture of their license disk.  
  6. Details of the driver: Name ; Telephone / Cellphone Number ; Picture of Drivers License
  7. Arrange with tow truck to move vehicle. (Phone Accident Assist  if there is no tow truck 0861 779 779).
  8. Remove valuables from car.
  9. Get receipt from tow truck driver.
  10. Report accident at the nearest SAPS or Metro.
  11. If there are no third parties involved and there are no injuries, there is no need to report.
  12. Call STB to register claim. –All completed claim forms must reach STB within 30 days from the accident.